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Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning “In Holy Communion”.

We aim to approach every aspect of our work with that orientation. In 2017, Mike transitioned from building tiny homes to building camper vans. He opened the shop in Lafayette and worked for a little over 3 years building vans solo. With the recent spike in interest for van life, Mike was unable to keep up and decided to bring some new faces onto the team. Without further ado, here is the team!

Meet the Team

Zach Bull - Builder

Zach is a recent graduate from CU Boulder. He lives on the property in a tiny home with his wife and is a much needed addition to our team. He is currently learning the ropes and has his hands busy hooking up electrical systems, installing heaters and roof racks, and more on a daily basis.

Trace Rawl - Digital & Operations Manager

Trace handles everything digital. He manages our website, social media presence, content creation, and generally helps Mike out with logistics. He has a background in UX Design and wants to help make vanlife more accessible and approachable to anyone who wants to explore it.

Alan Shubert - CNC Wizard

Alan is a brilliant engineer. He has worked previously in the aerospace sector and brings a creative problem-solving mind to the team. He is in charge of our CNC machines and spends his time creating new innovative products for us to use in our builds and sell to DIYers.

Michael Graham - Owner / Master Carpenter

Mike started Satsang Vanworks in 2017 after spending time building tiny homes and doing Japanese style timber framing. He quickly fell in love with the van world and has since moved into exclusively working on camper vans.

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