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Announcing Our Partnership with Tern Overland

We love their Arctic Tern windows, and now we're partnering up to sell our custom window jams to make your window installs stress-free

Making Your Camper Van Dreams Reality

From van conversion parts to custom camper vans, we’re invested in helping you accomplish your vanlife goals.

What do we do?

We Build Fully Custom Camper Vans & Offer Knowledge, Advice, & Helpful Products for DIY Van Builders.

With years of experience building off-grid four season camper vans, we have decided to begin offering camper van parts and kits to those who prefer to have a more hands-on experience with their van build. So whether you want a fully built out custom home on wheels, or a few parts that will make your DIY build much simpler, we've got you covered.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Mike is an absolute genius. I did a lot of research out there with different companies that build vans. He was easily the best priced, and he was somebody that was willing to do all the crazy eccentric ideas I had."

David Kahn

After years of travel around the country our build has held up perfectly. In fact, we were so satisfied working with Mike and excited about the new improvements at the shop that we’re trying to figure out how we can work with him again!

Matt Haydon