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Stress-free Campervan Window Jam Install - How We Do It

Windows (and any other things that require you to cut holes in your precious van) are some of the most stressful parts of any van build. Through years of trial and error, we have developed a method of installing and finishing camper van windows that we think make this phase 100 times easier and stress-free. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Frame where the window is.

Tools/Materials needed: Rivets & Rivnuts, window jam, framing material.

This tutorial is going to pick up after your window is already installed. Stay tuned for a tutorial on installing windows coming soon. Once your window is installed, you will need to frame where the window is, leaving just enough room for your window jam to fit directly into the space. We suggest using rivets and rivnuts to secure your framing to your van for maximum stability and longevity on the road. Tip: make or purchase your window jam FIRST before doing this step. This way you can measure the outside perimeter of it and create your framing to fit the jam perfectly.

This is what your framing should look like around your window. It should match the outside perimeter dimensions of your window jam

This is what your framing should look like around your window. It should match the outside perimeter dimensions of your window jam

Step 2: Cutting a hole in your wall & finishing your window jam

Tools/Materials needed: wall panels, flush trim router bit

In this step you will be temporarily attaching your wall panel in order to cut a perfectly sized hole for your window. You can also use this chance to finish your window jam with any materials you’d like. We use fabric, but you can leave yours untouched for a natural wood look, paint it, or even stain it. Once you’ve decided what to do to finish the jam, it’s time to cut your hole. Cut some small pilot holes in the wall where the window is located. This is where you’ll need your specialty flush trim router bit, found here: - you’ll use your router to make your way to the inside of the window jam and follow that all the way around, creating a perfectly sized hole in the wall to fit your window. At this point, you can remove your wall panel to finish the new edge you’ve created, and then re-attach it to get to your finished product.

Step 3: Only applicable for Arctic Tern Windows

The final and simplest step to install these arctic tern windows is to attach the trim ring onto the finished wall panel. The top and bottom pieces of the trim ring open up and have two screw holes per side that you screw into to secure the trim ring. 

The finished product - Window jam installed, wall secured, and window trim on top to finish.

And that’s it, you’re all finished! We hope this quick tutorial has been valuable to you and leads to a more stress-free and quality van build. As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us at - thanks, and we’ll see you soon!