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Registering Your Converted Camper Van as an RV

Do I need to re-title and register my van conversion to an RV?

This is a no brainer. You should absolutely change the registration of your camper van into an RV.

Re-titling your conversion van accomplishes a few things:

    It helps insurance companies understand what the vehicle is being used for and provide the proper coverage. Cargo vans are not full of expensive add ons. The last thing you want is to get in a crash and have your claim denied because the plan does not cover all of the awesome upgrades you’ve made to your van. . 
      Commercial vans are driven a lot more and typically used in busier areas such as cities. RVs have a lower risk profile because they are driven less and most travel is on larger, less busy roads. Lower risk profile equals lower premiums. 

        How do I register a converted camper van?

        This can vary from state to state but the process is similar no matter where you are. We’ll use how it’s done in Colorado as an example

        In Colorado, the process involves getting a VIN inspection from the Colorado State Patrol. There is only one step but you need to bring a few things with you to the VIN inspection. 

        Documents needed for the inspection:

        • Registration and title or dealer purchase papers
        • First and foremost you need to prove that you are the legal owner or an authorized person that can initiate the re-titling process.
        • Certified weight slip
          • Truck stops, landfills and landscaping companies have large scales. Most of them will charge around $10 to provide a certified weight slip. It’s important to make sure they have a certified scale and can provide the proper document that will be accepted by your local government. Here’s where you can find certified CAT scales in your area.
        • Statement of fact
          • This is where all the improvements that make this vehicle an RV should be listed. To qualify for an RV re-title, a camper van must contain at least 4 out of the 6 “permanently installed and independent life support systems” for:
            • Cooking
            • Refrigeration or icebox
            • Self-contained toilet
            • Heating and/or Air conditioning
            • Potable water supply system including a faucet and sink
            • Separate 110-125 volt electrical power supply and/or LP gas supply

        After the VIN inspection is completed and the vehicle has been reclassified it’s important to obtain the proper RV insurance. This will complete the process and properly convey the use of your camper van for the DMV and insurance companies. 

        State specific requirement resources

        The example above is just for Colorado, all states have slightly different laws regarding requirements for registering a converted van as an RV.

        The list below contains links to each state's licensing of motor vehicles websites. Within each site you can find the specific laws for each state’s regulations around the licensing and registration of self converted campers or van conversions. We absolutely recommend looking around your state's site and reading the laws.

        Some of the sites listed don’t have the clearest answers or incomplete information so we recommend calling or even going in person to speak with someone directly. This is the best way to get clear answers to the exact requirements and process to re-registering your camper van into an RV. 

        List of departments by state


        Alabama Department of Revenue–Motor Vehicle Division


        Alaska Department of Administration–Division of Motor Vehicles


        Arizona Department of Transportation


        Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration


        California Department of Motor Vehicles



        Colorado Department of Revenue–Division of Motor Vehicles


        Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles



        Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles


        District of Columbia

        DC Department of Motor Vehicles



        Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles



        Georgia Department of Revenue–Motor Vehicle Division



        Hawaii Department of Transportation–Public Affairs



        Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles


        Illinois Secretary of State–Vehicle Services Department



        Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles



        Iowa Motor Vehicle Division



        Kansas Department of Revenue–Division of Motor Vehicles



        Kentucky Transportation Cabinet–Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing



        Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles



        Maine Department of the Secretary of State–Bureau of Motor Vehicles



        Maryland Department of Transportation–Motor Vehicle Administration



        Massachusetts Department of Transportation–Registry of Motor Vehicles



        Michigan Secretary of State



        Minnesota Department of Public Safety–Driver and Vehicle Services Division



        Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission



        Missouri Department of Revenue–Motor Vehicle Titling & Registration



        Montana Department of Justice–Driver Services



        Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles



        Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles


        New Hampshire

        New Hampshire Department of Safety–Division of Motor Vehicles


        New Jersey

        New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission


        New Mexico

        New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division


        New York

        New York State Department of Motor Vehicles


        North Carolina

        North Carolina Department of Transportation–Division of Motor Vehicles


        North Dakota

        North Dakota Department of Transportation



        Ohio Department of Public Safety ‐ Bureau of Motor Vehicles



        Oklahoma Tax Commission–Motor Vehicle Information



        Oregon Department of Transportation ‐ Division of Motor Vehicles



        Pennsylvania Department of Transportation–Driver and Vehicle Services


        Rhode Island

        Rhode Island Department of Revenue ‐ Division of Motor Vehicles


        South Carolina

        South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles


        South Dakota

        South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulations–Motor Vehicles Division



        Tennessee Department of Revenue–Vehicle Title & Registration



        Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



        Utah Division of Motor Vehicles



        Vermont Agency of Transportation–Department of Motor Vehicles


        Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles



        Washington Department of Licensing

        West Virginia

        West Virginia Department of Transportation–Division of Motor Vehicles



        Wisconsin Department of Transportation ‐ Division of Motor Vehicles



        Wyoming Department of Transportation